Our homemade hard ice creams are hand crafted and produced on premise, right at Dairy Island in Bainbridge. The super premium fresh ice creams that we create are made with 15% butter fat milk & cream sourced from Mid West farms and 100% pure bourbon vanilla extract. The buttered pecans we use for Cibik’s Craft Butter Pecan Ice Cream are sourced from the Hillson Nut Company, a Cleveland enterprise since 1935. Our goal was to create the best butter pecan ice cream on Earth and we are very determined.

Rich and creamy, sweet and bold, our Dark Chocolate Macaroon is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Dark chocolate ice cream with homemade macaroons, Baker’s coconut and flakes of dark chocolate. If you like coconut, Mound’s Bars, and dark chocolate, you’re going to love this ice cream. An ice cream masterpiece!

I Love Lucy: Red Raspberry ice cream and chocolate flakes. A classic.

Other classics include Cookies & Cream, Superman, Lemon Bar, Rocky Road, and Elaine’s Sensational Turtle Delight.

And don’t forget about our frozen custards: Mint Chocolate Chip, Shock the Monkey, Chagrin S’Mores, Lemon and more.

We appreciate you. Thank you.